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“I recently started getting private acupuncture treatments with Hillary for my fibromyalgia. She is an extremely caring and patient acupuncturist and my pain has lessened ramatically. I am thrilled!!! My energy is better too, and I can actually do things I haven’t been able to do for years. I have been dealing with this illness for so long and this is the first time I feel hopeful. Thank you, Hillary.”

– A. R.  (11/15/18) from Palm City, Fl

“I have had difficulty with sciatica pain on my left side for approximately 10 years. After several doctor visits with only the suggestion for “pain management,” my husband suggested that I might tryacupuncture. We found Hillary through a Yoga studio owner we trusted who recommended her here in Stuart. I was delighted that I felt relief after the first visit! However, the most intriguing part was there were other benefits as well. I felt more balanced and a sense of well being after the treatments. I was also able to sleep much better at night, which was instrumental in my decision to continue with treatments on a more regular basis. My husband and my father in law have also been to see Hillary. Both noticed positive results, and my father in law even says it has improved his golf game! We would recommend Hillary without reservation.  She is compassionate, intelligent, and seems to be truly devoted to improving the lives of her patients. Rather than using addictive medications to mask the symptoms, Hillary seeks to address the root causes for a more effective cure.

– Danielle Keith (9/15/14) from Stuart, Fl

“I am so grateful I found Stuart Acupuncture!! I underwent radiation treatment on my face 4 years ago and have experienced a great deal of pain since then. I have been to a number of doctors who have told me the pain was something I must learn to deal with. Finally at my wits’ end, I came across the Stuart Acupuncture website and thought I had nothing to lose. I had thought about acupuncture before, but thought I could not afford it.  I went to see Hillary and immediately knew that I was in the right place at the right time. I am currently seeing her on a regular basis and am feeling better. She has been a shining light, giving me hope when I had little. Her compassion and professional manner provide an atmosphere in which to recover. I highly recommend Stuart Acupuncture and can testify to the fact that acupuncture works.

– Mindy Hiltz (7/1/2014) from Port St. Lucie Fl

“I was originally going to an acupuncturist in Stuart who helped me with tremendously with pain however due to the high cost I could no longer afford the treatments. I found the Stuart Acupuncture through a friend at yoga and started going to Hillary Heidelberg. Her treatments are exceptional!!!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about going to an acupuncturist or who is already going. Her skills and compassion can make a significant difference in the healing process for all!!!! So thankful to have found her.

– D.A. (7/3/14) from Jensen Beach, Fl

“I struggle with chronic fatigue and this is the first thing I’ve tried that has given me relief. I’ve seen other acupuncturists before, but Hillary is a cut above the rest. You can tell she truly cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable. She has also offered me practical advice on lifestyle changes that are creating powerful results in my life. If you struggle with any type of health issue, I strongly urge you to consider making Hillary a part of your healthcare team.”

– T. Schaefer (9/11/2013) from Stuart, Fl

“Following a hiking accident in July 2013 that left me with rib contusions, muscle pulls and nerve impingement, I sought out alternative treatment since I was dissatisfied with the western approach of pharmacology. I found Hillary online and my curiosity was piqued after I realized that she used a “community approach” to healing in addition to distal point insertion versus trigger points (for pain management). I am a rehabilitation professional with a background in neurogenic disorders so I was keen to assess her approach and try something curative instead of masking my symptoms. I starting seeing Hillary in Sept 2013 and have never looked back! I feel great every time I leave her office and my symptoms (pain, tingling in lower extremities, poor sleep patterns) have disappeared. I intend to continue my “wellness” plan by following through on the advice that Hillary has shared including the continuation of acupuncture to manage my stress and promote overall health. I think Hillary is a very conscientious, selfless practitioner with an alert ear to her patients. She is a true partner in my health and wellness plan!”

– J. Hall (11/2013) from Port St Lucie, Fl.

“Stuart Acupuncture led me to a path that changed my life. I recommend this to anyone.

– Curtis H. (8/4/2013) from Stuart, Fl

“I started seeing Hillary early in October 2013 for severe peripheral neuropathy in my feet, legs, hands and feet. During the previous 3-4 months, I had only averaged 2 hours of sleep a night because of the pain. She told me on my first visit that it might take a while since this started 15 years ago. After my third or fourth visit, I began sleeping through the night and have had no neuropathy pain. An added benefit is I also have had no arthritic pain. About 10 years ago, I had a sleep study where they told me I was not getting into REM sleep. I believe my sleep patterns were bad my whole life as my mother used to say I was a terrible sleeper as a child. Now I think I have normal sleep patterns – getting sleepy not just tired, going to sleep immediately and waking refreshed – most likely getting into REM sleep. Acupuncture has been in the back of my mind for some time and wish I had sought it out much earlier. Hillary has given me back my quality of life.

– E. DeFoor (11/23/2013) from Stuart, Fl

“Prior to seeing Hillary for the first time in September 2013, we had been trying to get pregnant for 14 months. I had seen 2 regular OBGYNs, a holistic doctor, and then finally to a specialist in West Palm Beach. 2 days prior to my planned HCG trigger shot, the doctor suggested acupuncture to help the process. I began looking around and was surprised at the approaches to and costs of acupuncture. When I found Hillary’s site and read about her approach and cost effectiveness I decided to give her a try. When I went to the specialist at 7:30AM, they found my uterine lining was too thin and didn’t want to trigger for fear of a miscarriage if I were to get pregnant. I saw Hillary that afternoon for my first treatment; she listened to everything I had to share with a kind ear and then treated me. The next morning I returned to the Dr. at 7:30AM (only 15 hours after treatment) and my lining had improved in an amount she had never seen before (4mm) and my follicles also increased in size by 2mm and 3mm, in only 24 hours! I began seeing Hillary twice a week for treatments related to fertility and stress/anxiety/sleeping issues. Despite the doctor’s predicted 15% chance of getting pregnant, we were able to and I am now 9.5 weeks pregnant with our first child. I know in my heart Hillary played a huge part in the process. I have since referred 2 people and will refer many more!”

– Christina H. (11/2013) from Fort Pierce, Fl

“I have been receiving acupuncture from Hillary Heidelberg at Stuart Acupuncture for approximately 6 weeks. Through her treatments in conjunction with other therapies I have achieved significant improvement in some debilitating back pain I was experiencing. Her care is gentle, effective, and compassionate; the environment safe and nurturing. She has created a space where I can fully relax and heal. Hillary is a powerful healer and I am thankful that she has chosen to share her gift.”

Jennifer Fitter (8/2014) from Stuart, Fl

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