In my private sessions, I often use moxibustion (colloquially known as ḿoxa). Moxa is an herb known in Chinese as Ai Ye and in English as mugwort or artemesia. It is an ancient form of heat therapy where the herb is burned near or on the needle (but not too close–moxa is painless and quite pleasant).

Moxa is used to warm the channel and stimulate the movement of Qi and Xue (blood) in the body. So if somebody comes to me complaining of arthritis that is worse in colder weather or in the morning, I would consider using moxa on specific acupuncture points. I often use ïndirect moxa’ where a stick of the herb is used near the inserted needles to warm them, and thereby warm the channel.

Moxa is useful for more than just muscular and joint pain, however. It is useful for migraines, menstrual pain, and turning a breech baby later in pregnancy. It is also very helpful for indigestion and lowered immunity. Many of my clients say the aroma is relaxing and puts them into a deep sleep, an added bonus for most!

Indirect moxa without needles

Ancient texts also expounded on the benefits of moxa on longevity, and direct moxa on St 36 has long been one of the most famous and effective Chinese medicine treatments for immunity and long life. If you are interested in finding out whether moxibustion would be helpful for you, please reach out to Hillary.